Live Reels Workshop

November 30th at 11am MST

Reels aren't going away and they are the most impactful way for new followers to find your account!


Come learn reel basics as well as how to create engaging reels! 

What to expect!

Learn the Basics

We will discuss the basics of reel making! How to pick trending music. How to use text effects. How to compose engaging reels! 

Cohesive Branding

Select filters that fit your branding. Tips for filming with consistent light. Using props. How to use reel covers to keep your IG feed cohesive.


Together we will brainstorm ideas and trends for your business! Learn how to increase engagement through reel Call-to-actions. 

Come join us!

The workshop will be held on Zoom on November 30th at 11 am. 

Prior to the workshop, you will receive an e-book about reels and what we will be covering so that you can come with questions! The ebook will also have access to FREE reel cover templates that you can use!